Host everything yourself

If you need some amazing and good servers, we are the best. Not only do we have fast servers, but we also provide the best customer service in the world. You can write to our support team 24/7 and we are ready to talk or chat with you in under 1 minute. Our servers are amazing and if you want to build everything yourself, we have the best and cheapest servers on the market. Maybe you are a selfmade developer or maybe you are trying to start you own hosting company, so you need a good server that will never go down. We can provide you with that!

You own server

We can good and strong servers in our company, so if you like to setup all the things on your server to keep the cost down and to have more control of the server yourself, its possible. Under servers, you can choose server hosting and when you are buying a server from us, it will be completely empty. Install only the software you need and nothing more and get a better performance and a faster server. When you are in control of your server, it can be better uptimized and don’t worry if something happens or if you are having problems with software, installing or managing the server, we will still help you and you are still getting our top performance support help. Just call us or write to us and we will help you right away.

Sell hosting space

When you have your own server, you can start sell hosting space to your customers and earn a living from it. Buy a 2TB server from us and make your own site and sell the rest of the diskspace to customers and make money enough to pay the server, then you have a free server. Many people are doing it this way to earn money and to get a free server. Maybe you want to start your own hosting company or maybe you want to sell website with hosting. No matter what, you need one of our servers to start your company and because our servers are so damn good, you are getting the best for your customers and they will love you. Try our business hosting plan today and see what we are talking about!