How to setup your website

Are you having problems setting up your own website? Don’t worry, we have you covered! When it comes to setting up a website from scratch everyone things to need expensive code developers or webdesigners. But at YourDomainURL we have made it so simple that every has a chance to make a website without knowing about coding. When you sign up here, you will get access to some pretty awesome tool that will help you make your website in less than 1 hour and you can do everything yourself.

How to start designing your homepage

When it comes to designing a website you often need a webdesigner that can make a nice and clean design for you, but in our system, we have that covered for you. When you login to your account, you then go to the websdesigner tab and here you can choose from hunderes of pre made webdesigns. When you click on one, you can then edit everything in that webdesign, so that it will fit your needs.

Making a webshop

You don’t need a simple website? Okay, then try our webshop system. You can now build a webshop quickly through our site and then start selling your products. You can choose from hunderes of webshop designs and then upload all your products. Our webshop solutions comes in 3 packages. The first one is the light version and here you can upload 10 products. The next package is the silver version which has room enough for 60 products and last we have the gold version which can store +500 products, so are you planning on getting a lot of products, then choose our gold version right away.

Website maintenance

Building a website is one thing, another one is to keep it going. When you have build your website, you need to make some changes to it sometimes, so that people will come back again and again or maybe you need some new functions to the site to make it even better. When making changes to the website, your site doesn’t need to be down. Our system allows you to build your website while its online, so when you are ready to make the new changes online, your just push one button and the new changes will go online.