WordPress hosting

A WordPress hosting plan is something we are selling hundreds of every day and our customers are loving are wordpress hosting plans because the are cheap, fast and easy to use. When you are buying a wordpress hosting plan, you are good to go right after you order is done and you can start building your wordpress site right away. Everyone loves wordpress sites because they are so easy to manage and setup and you dont need to be a pro website builder to get started. Sign up for a wordpress hosting today and feel the power of freedom and start your blog in minutes and if you need some free wordpress themes to shine up your site, we can also provide that. Read on and learn about installing and manage your wordpress site.

Easy WordPress management

You are not a top nerd in tech and dont know much about building website and keeping them online. Don’t worry, we have you covered! Our wordpress hosting is build to be easy to use and even if you are not a pro developer, you can still make a nice website and start blogging or sell things online right away. When buying wordpress hosting at us, we also provide wordpress themes for you. Having a wordpress site as it is, is ok, but if you want a nice and clean site with an amazing design, we recommend that you are using a theme.

Installing a WordPress theme

Your wordpress is online and you what the site to be amazing and good looking, so you want to install one of our free wordpress themes from our controlpanel. All you need to do is to download the theme that you want and then go to your wordpress backend and under themes. Here you can choose to upload your own theme. Click on the button that says “Upload theme” and then find the wordpress theme that you just downloaded from our site and then upload it to you wordpress. After uploading, you can then activate it and BOOM, its now online on your site. Now that is what we call easy! Remember, if you have problems with installing your theme, you can always call or write to our support team and they will help you within 5 hours. Our developers can fix any problem that you may have installing your theme or if you site is not working properly.